On the basis of previous work and the latest advances in the disciplines of theoretical linguistics, historical linguistics, dialectology and language contact, the main objectives of the present proposal are formulated as follows:

(a) to provide a systematic and comprehensive study of Pontic, Cappadocian and Aivaliot, which are threatened with the danger of extinction;

(b) to offer a scientific and well-argumented analysis of specific phenomena which meets the latest developments in linguistic theory and offers novel insights into linguistic mechanisms;

(c) to refine our understanding of how typologically different languages may affect each other by studying the structure and the vocabulary of three dialects of fusional origin (Greek), which have been influenced by the agglutinative Turkish;

(d) to compare three linguistic varieties of common origin and of parallel evolution within the purpose of revealing their similarities and differences on a synchronic basis, as well as to map their diachronic evolution and differentiation together with the factors that have played an important role in their change;

(e) to discover, collect and compile the available primary and secondary sources that form the ground for the present and future research concerning the three dialects.

The following secondary objectives have also been set:

(a) to archive a wide range of oral and written material that constitutes a necessary and sufficient condition for the preservation of cultural heritage of the dialectal communities;

(b) to collect ethno-linguistic metadata that will serve as a repository for future research concerning the sociolinguistic situation of the dialects.